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Barbu George
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Barbu George zis Greieru'

Promotia 1984 , Liceul Nicolae Grigorescu , municipiul Campina

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Iar in continuare ... ce ne spune in engleza domnul George:

My name is Gheorghe Barbu I immigrated to Canada in 2004 and I was convinced that Canada could fulfill my dreams. I was educated in a military high school in Romania and the most important things in this kind of education are the respect for honour, true and dignity. Because I found out something very bad at MMM GROUP-Canada, somebody tried to “set me up” for kipping my mouth shut. I was imprisoned almost 4 hours under the accusation of "utter threatens" in fact it was a form to intimidate me for running back home. Because nobody listens to me I decided to renounce to the Canadian citizenship as a form of protest because none of the Canadian Democratic Institutions are interested about my life and democracy. I was very close to lose my wife because she is very scared because of this kind of “actions”. I really wanted to inform the company’s CEO but I cannot do that because of restrictions made by prosecutor ("You are not allowed to contact the employees of the company directly or INDIRECTLY").The last word is the trick "INDIRECTLY". By short, I informed the Romanian embassy in Ottawa and also the President of Romania about this kind of abuse.
I really believe in God but if nobody tries to understand me probably I will request a politic asylum from China.
I really do not want to do that but this is my "the final solution". I did not talk to the press yet about this, because I have a military education. I do not need any money the only thing that I pretend is my honour to be where it was before.
Please excuse my English because is not my native language.

Yours (still) servant,

Gheorghe Barbu


salut george ce faci? ce face familia? ai skype ca sa vorbim direct?
de STAMNAS KOSTAS in data de 2010-12-15 17:03
Adresa de email si de messenger este la inceputul articolului, dai numai click!
de Webmaster in data de 2010-12-19 08:52

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